Sax's Final Orbit
:: Sax's Final Orbit ::


Director of Photography

Education : Xavier University, Louisiana; American Film Institute [AFI], Los Angeles [1989-1992].

Career : ' Smith was raised in New Orleans, where he dreamed of playing professional basketball. He attended Xavier University in Louisiana on a basketball scholarship and lettered all four years. During his junior year, the team earned a slot at the NAIA championship tournament in Kansas City. When a local television reporter and news photographer came to the gym, Smith watched them orchestrate the story. Seeing their creativity was all it took - Smith was hooked. He changed his major to mass communications. His practical education continued at a local PBS-tv station, where he helped wire the building and install transmitters and satellite dishes. Soon he was compiling video vignettes that were used as fillers. Smith earned a resident position at the local CBS affiliate, WWL-tv. He shot news and promotional photography for a while and then decided to reach for the next level. He applied to the American Film Institute. During his first year, he won the 'Rémy Martin Student Scholarship Award', the first time that award was given to a cinematography fellow, and the first time the award went to a first year student. A fter a year, Smith returned to New Orleans to shoot at the Jazz & Heritage Festival for his old tv-station. When he heard that [doph Robert] Richardson was in town shooting scenes for 'JFK', he faxed a letter to the production office. "Bob invited me to the set the next day," Smith recalls. "I immediately canceled my flight back to Los Angeles. Pretty soon I was running mags and doing whatever needed to be done. I ended up staying on for the entire film. It was an incredible experience." After 'JFK', Smith returned to the AFI.' [From an article by David Heuring.] Became c.asst, 2u op & doph. Appeared in the tv-doc/46m ' Hello, He Lied & Other Truths From the Hollywood Trenches' [2001, Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini; ph: Sandra Chandler & Nelson Hume].

Awards : Chicago Alt. Film Fest Jury Award 'Best Cinematography' [1999] for 'pURe kILLjoy'.

1995        Statistically Speaking [Nandi Bowe] ?; short/26m
1996        Psalms From the Underground [Eriq La Salle] c; short/37m
1997        The Girl Gets Moe/Love to Kill [James Bruce] c
1997        Sax's Final Orbit [Gregory N. Earls] c; short/24m; prod AFI
1997        Rough Draft/Diary of a Serial Killer [Joshua Wallace] c
1997        Point Blank [Matt Earl Beesley] c
1997        Recoil [Art Camacho] c; cph: Ken Blakey; addph: Cheddy D. Hart
1998        pURe kILLjoy [Aaron Downing] c
1998        Frontline [Quinton Peeples] ?
1998        The Sex Monster [Mike Binder] c
1998        Harlem Aria [William Jennings] c
1999        Any Given Sunday [Oliver Stone] c; addph (+ co-c.op); ph: Salvatore Totino
1999         Luck of the Draw [Luca Bercovici] c; op 'b' cam: Chris Manley, Igor Meglic & Barry Oiffer
2001        The Wash [D.J. Pooh] c
2000        Gang Tapes [Adam Ripp] c
2001        Tara/Hood Rat [Leslie Small] V/c; cph: Kirk Douglas
2002        Love and a Bullet [Kantz & Ben Ramsey] c
2002        The Trial [Anita M. Cal] c
2002        Vivian [Aimee Dixon] c; short/23m
2002        With or Without You [G. Stubbs] c
2002        Malibooty [Barry Bowles] V/c; 2uc: Andrew Parke
2003        Just Another Story [GQ=Gregory Qaiyum] c
2003        Playmakers of New Orleans [Peter Gathings Bunche] c
2003        Beauty Shop [Mark Brown] c

1996      Beverly Hills Bordello [ep 'All Night Long' dir by Robert Angelo] series; other ph: Ken Blakey, Conrad Dobler, a.o.
1999         Hidden Blessings [Timothy Wayne Folsome] tvm
2000        Fire & Ice [Bryan Goeres] tvm
2001        One Special Moment [Nelson George] tvm

1991        JFK [Oliver Stone] camera intern; ph: Robert Richardson
1991        A Few Good Men [Rob Reiner] 2nd c.asst; ph: Robert Richardson
1992        The Meteor Man [: An Urban Fairy Tale] [Robert Townsend] c.asst; ph: John A. Alonzo
1992        Heaven & Earth [Oliver Stone] 2nd c.asst; ph: Robert Richardson
1993        Blankman [Mike Binder] c.asst; ph: Newton Thomas Sigel
1994        Natural Born Killers [Oliver Stone] 2nd c.asst; ph: Robert Richardson
1995        Nixon [Oliver Stone] 2nd c.asst; ph: Robert Richardson
1995        The Trigger Effect [David Koepp] 2nd c.asst; ph: Newton Thomas Sigel
1996        Fallen [Gregory Hoblit] c.op 'a' cam; ph: Newton Thomas Sigel
1999        Any Given Sunday [Oliver Stone] co-c.op (+ addph); ph: Salvatore Totino
1999        Three Kings [David O. Russell] c.op 2u; 2uc: Philip Pfeiffer; ph: Newton Thomas Sigel


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